14 November World Diabetes Day

14 November World Diabetes Day

13/11/2019 12:00

Dyt Mehmet Miralay


Greetings to all,

In the article you will read today, we will talk about the riding bicycle, there is prevention and regulating effect for Diabetes. Cycling has very positive effects on diabetes. Exercise can affect psychological state, cardiovascular system or metabolism.

Regular cycling, lowers blood sugar, which is very important in controlling diabetes.

The main benefits of bicycle riding are;
1. Increases insulin sensitivity:

Exercise does not produce more insulin, but increases insulin sensitivity. This effect lasts for several hours. Some patients may have an effect even for 24 hours. Thus, the amount of oral medication in non-insulin dependent patients can be reduce.

2. Controlling of blood sugar is easier:

When a person starts exercising, he / she follows blood sugar and their diet more regularly and carefully. The key to controlling diabetes is to reduce the side effects of the disease.

3. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease:

Exercise, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol causing cardiovascular obstruction.

4. Other benefits of cycling:
• Burns excess fats in the body; losing weight for ideal body weight

• Strengthens your muscles

• Increases blood flow

• Increases your energy

•Increases your capacity to do your work

•Increases circulation

• Increases your oxygen consumption

• Increases your ability to do repetitive work

• Increases your bone density and strength

• Reduces stress and relaxes you

• Reduces anxiety and depression

• Increases your confidence and makes you feel better

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